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John walked back into the class room still carrying Karkat, now on his back. "hey We're back" the human said with a smile setting down Karkat.
Kanaya smiled looking at Karkat, she could tell her morial was feeling better, she'd ask what happened later most likely after school.
Karkat walked over to his chair and sat down, making sure to cover his face, he wasn't going to let anyone see that he was blushing.
Vriska walked over to john "so what was his problem" she asked
John looked at the spider troll and saw her slight smirk, "first question first why did you kiss me..?"
"because isn't an answer"
"wasn't it your first..?" Vriska asked
"It could be, and it couldn't be"
"John tell the truth"
"it wasn't my first"
"really..?, who was your first then..?"
"I don't want to tell you just yet."

==>Skip to a later time
John walked down the hallway with Karkat next to him
"hey Karkat I've been thinking"
"this speech again?"
"it's not the same one, if you want I'll start it differently"
"do what you want"
"okay well i noticed how Vriska kissed me, in front of you, is there a thing were trolls like to get another jealous?"
"not really but you're talking about vriska it's just how she is"
"guess you're right.., But well I'm not completely sure but what if she's flushed for me and knows that your flushed for me and is trying to get to me?"
Karkat shrugged "you never know, next thing you know everything will turn out to be like that movie you made me watch"
"Scott pilgrim vs. the world?"
"yeah that one, that was a good one"
"Wait if it all turns out like that will that make me Scott and you Ramona?, then who would be your seven evil ex's?, and we aren't even dating, because that would be odd, but then I'd be the hero and get you in the end but I really still see you as my best bro, Karkat are you really flushed for me?"
Karkat face palmed, "don't fret on it egderp you'll live"
"okay, wait.. " John looked at Karkat for a long while completely silent
"you're starting to freak me out john stop that.." Karkat muttered looking up at john back in the eyes, it was really kinda odd how john was almost a foot taller, and you both were once the same height, yet john had always been slightly taller.
"but Karkat.. I'm trying to think of something"
"what are you trying to think of?"
"nothing important"
"you sure..?"
"well if you're curious, what would a troll human kid look like?"
Karkat stopped up for a second "why do you want to know that?"
"well I dunno Dave and Rose are both with a troll, and Rose is like my step sister, making dave like my step-step brother and I was just curious"
Karkat shrugged "I don't know usually trolls go with trolls and humans go with humans… I guess if you really wanted to know something like that you'd just have to wait to see what happens later, because no one really knows"
John nodded "I guess you're right.."
John looked at his watch "hey why are we just roaming the halls? We can go"
Karkat shrugged "you wanted to get something from the locker"
"oh we don't have to I just kinda usually do but I have nothing in there that I need, and you're standing by me so you aren't in there so we can go" John said then turned around.
Karkat followed after the human.

==> Be nepeta
You are now the cat troll watching Karkitty and john walk, you quickly sneak around and run off, You have been updating your shipping wall for quite a long time yet you keep one no matter what. You open up your shipping book/drawing book and quickly doodle down one of your newest pairings, a cheesy drawing of John and Karkat with a heart drawn above them, they looked like they would make perfect matesprits, they've been so close you still Remember when everyone was still young

==> Flashback

You are now younger nepeta, you are at a playground back in elementary school in first grade and you're stalking your "prey" which are all imaginary.

Nepeta continued to pounce around happily while everyone else was up to what they were up to
Feferi and Eridan were pretending that one of the playground equipment was a castle.
Equius was watching Aradia, and Aradia was exploring with sollux
Terezi wasn't blind and was playing with Nepeta
Gamzee was hanging upside-down from the monkeybars
And everyone was just doing what they do

==> be past Karkat
You are now first grader Karkat and you're sitting on the swings watching john swing back and forth very high, and sadly Egderp is trying to talk to you and you can't really understand him.
"John I can't understand you"
The blue eyed human jumped off the swing and actually somewhat flew in mid-air,
Karkat freaked out a bit until the human boy flew down and stopped infront of Karkat "I was saying ' hey karkat you know what?' but I never really could finish because you could hear me but I was wondering if you ever wished you could fly?" John said then landed "because I can take you flying if you want to"
"how can you fly in the first place..?"
John shrugged "I just have been able to for a while pretty cool right?"
Karkat shrugged "it's kinda freaky"
"well you are an alien, so I don't think it's that freaky"
"I guess you're right.." Karkat said hopping off the swing, then noticed Terezi walk by.
"hey Karkat.. I noticed you like Terezi don't you?"
Karkat's face turned red then covered his face in his turtleneck "n-no I don't"
"dude you so do you should tell her!"
"no no no no no no no" Karkat kept muttering burying his head further into his turtle neck.

==> stop the flash back

You are now present John
And you're walking to your house, with your bike, after convincing Karkat to come with you, which was easy to do.

Karkat walked along side john "hey John Remember when we were little..?"
"how little?" John mumbled
"back in elementary school"
"of course a lot of things happened back then…"
"well Remember back in first grade on the playground"
"Karkat we were always on the playground"
"well do you remember the day you jumped off the swings and flew?"
"yeah the same day I told you to confess to Terezi"
"yeah.. then"
"what about it..?"
"well I just thought about it, but can you still fly?"
John shrugged "I stopped flying long ago"
"because it was weird"
"it wasn't weird it was cool"
"you think so?"
Karkat nodded "yeah"
"well if you'll hold my bike I can try to fly again" John said stopping and looking at his bike, Karkat nodded then held the bike. John looked around making sure no one would really see them before he slowly was lifted off the ground "hey looks like I still can!" John said with a smile
"good now you can fly us home, I'll hold your bike if you hold me" Karkat said
"you know maybe I could use the wind to make you fly" john said
Karkat shrugged "do what you want just don't get me killed"
John nodded

==> Be Vriska
You can't believe your eyes, you're watching John and Karkat, and you think you know who took john's first kiss, and it wasn't you. It had to be Karkat, Karkat Vantas… No wonder he acted up when you kissed john in front of him, Karkat Vantas was flushed for john.

Vriska watched the two fly off "toooooooo bad John isn't a homosexual" she said with a snicker then Remembered how john asked if Trolls really were both genders "Fuck!" she barked slamming her foot on the ground,  she was flushed for john and she knew that Karkat and John were close and now that John knew about Trolls really having no gender she probably had no change to get with the blue-eyed Egderp. "I have to keep them apart, but how…" she muttered.

==> Be Dave
You are now the cool kid, you're already at your house because you just are, and you are also on your computer
TG:  hey Jade you there?
GG: Yeah I'm here
TG:  okay have you noticed anything with John lately..?
GG: he has been waking up later
TG: no no like how he acts
GG: I don't really know want me to talk to him?
TG: nah I can talk to him, I don't think he's home yet…
GG: he probably isn't I saw him walking around the school with Karkat
TG: wait you saw him with Karkat?
GG: yeah
TG: Jade, you want to know something..
GG: what?
TG: I think Karkat loves John
GG: You Really think so? They would make a cute couple
GG: but John isn't a homosexual
TG: Jade, that's bullshit
GG: Why?
TG:  because trolls don't have a gender
GG: Really..?
TG: yeah
GG: how to you know
TG: I'm with Terezi, I can get all answers out of her, I just have to get her something red or something like that
GG: ah
GG: well I think john should be home by now, so yeah.. you should go message him
TG: okay

Dave turned around in his chair he didn't bother to stop pestering Jade.

==> Be jade
You really like dave like REALLY like but you probably could never meet Terezi's standards, Maybe there was someone out there that could take your mind off him, suddenly you received a message on your phone.
'uH,, HEY jADE i WAS UH,, WONDERING HOW YOU WERE DOING' the message said, Jade smiled slightly, she knew it was Tavros, and he was really a sweet guy, troll, thing, was he even counted as a guy?, maybe..
Jade quickly sent a message back ' hi Tavros, I'm doing fine, but I'm a little bit down I guess'
She waited for a reply 'wHAT'S UPSETTING YOU?'
Jade thought 'should I tell him, I don't know I mean he's nice and all but.. oh fine' she thought to herself before texting back 'I'm kinda in a high school Dilemma'
'well I like someone and I don't think they like me back'
The two began texting each other for quite a while until
'hEY uH,, jADE?'
Jade looked at the message blankly, she really didn't know how to respond.

==> Be john

You are now John and you happened to be pinned down by a shorter male troll on your bed, and you don't know what to do.
"hey uhm Karkat.., how we get like this..?"
"John why would you ask a stupid question like that..?"
"everything happened really quickly, and I didn't really get everything."
Karkat moved off of John and sat by him, "Well your dad isn't here and you're the one who started it, once we got to your room you kissed me, I kissed back you fell backwards onto your bed, then I was ontop of you then you snapped out of it and stared at me like an idiot."
"ah, well that would've been odd if we continued…" John mumbled
Karkat nodded
"want to continue?"
"why not" Karkat said looking at John.

==> Be Eridan
You are now Eridan, and you're trying to hide the mark on your forehead(because you have a date), so you slick you're hair down which covers it well.
"I guess this can't hurt I hope fef doesn't get curious.. wwhy I havve my hair like this…" the fish troll muttered. Then he remembered how he hid it during the school day, the same way but his hair kept trying to flip back up oddly. "anywways I shouldn't let it bother me, she'd understand right?" He mumbled to himself, "I shouldn't wworry.., fef wwould understand.."  Eridan sighed "wwho am I kiddin wwhat if she laughs, no she wwouldn't.." Eridan looked at himself in the mirror I don't look that bad, "and it's just a date, it won't reely end up anywwhere right..?, I should stop over thinkin this and go already.."

(Authors note: yes you were just cockblocked from the John x Karkat action with Eridan, yeah I went there, you mad?)

==> Be Gamzee
You are well now Gamzee, your house is surprisingly not a mess, for how you act. You currently aren't in a great mood, mainly the reason why is because your best friend is flushed for someone, and the thing is your flushed for him and the girl he's flushed for. So you really don't know what to do, usually you would talk to your Morial which was once Karkat but now it's Tavros who you are flushed for! You decide to Call Karkat.

==> Be Karkat
You are now Karkat.
Karkat pushed john back "wait my phone is ringing"
"okay.." John mumbled looking at the troll sitting on his lap
"it's Gamzee" Karkat muttered "okay john you'll have to wait for a bit this might be important" the nubby horned troll said getting off john and walking off answering his phone "hey Gamzee wh-"
"Bro I don't know what to do.."
"what do you mean by that?"
"I'm flushed for two people"
"Gamzee you should be talking about this with your Morial.."
"One of them is my motherfucking Morial"
"oh, and the other one?"
"the one my morial is flushed for…"
Karkat began to think "do you know if Tavros has confessed to who he's flushed for?"
"well then… Gamzee, tell Tavros how you feel, then tell him your also flushed for who he's flushed for maybe you can work something out"
"okay, thanks Karkat"
"no problem Gamzee, and if everything fails tell me"
"okay" Gamzee said then hung up.

(Authors note: you were cockblocked agaaaiiinnnn~~~ :3)

Karkat looked over at John "sorry Gamzee is having love issues.."
"it's okay" John said "he's your friend so I can understand why you had to help him"
Karkat nodded then sat down by John
John looked at karkat "I just noticed why do you still have your hoodie on?"
Karkat shrugged then took it off "better?"
"Gasp you wear colors" John said then laughed a bit "I thought you didn't like red"
"I'm not the biggest fan of it but I don't really care to be honest, and to be honest I think you're the only one who's seen me wear colors after all this time."
"yeah.. , but at times Kanaya get me to wear other things because she sometimes uses me as her male model.."
"I bet you make a great male model"
"I sure do, because I'm the best troll out there"
"oh really now?"
"but you're still the one who'll flip out about a ton of things"
"tell that to the word Bucket"
"that's because of what it is!"
"shut up about that!" Karkat yelled his face turning red
"oh come on you can't be that sensitive about it"
"I so can!" Karkat stammered "th-they're an odd subject"
"Well to humans they're no big deal"
"I know that"
"so I have no problem saying it"
"well I have a problem hearing it.. it's perverted.."
"you know your reaction is priceless right?"
"it isn't priceless"
"yes it is" John said with a smile
Karkat lightly punched John's arm "it isn't"
"fine fine, so what do you want to do?"
"do you want to continue where we left off before we were interrupted?" Karkat asked
John shrugged "why not"

sorry i had to
but yeah things are changing up a bit now, john is opening up to karkat, he still will say he's not a homosexual probably but life will go on right?

this story n a way is just a bunch of stories smashed into one.
a story for every pairing, i guess
i dunno

part 4: [link]
part 6: [link]
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